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Our innovative new WebInterpreter service allows you to enjoy the convenience of telephone interpreting but with all the added benefits of face-to-face communication. You will have a national network of experienced sector-specific interpreters instantly available to you at the touch of a button.

eSense Translations’ web-based videoconferencing service has been proven to be just as effective as face-to-face interpreting but without the hassle of finding someone in your area and paying travel expenses.

The future of interpreting

We believe WebInterpreter will transform the way you use interpreters. With a choice of 250 languages, including British Sign Language (BSL), this is a highly affordable and convenient way of breaking down language barriers.

Special features

WebInterpreter is quick and easy to set up and can be used on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is no software to install or download as it is accessed through your web browser.

Its benefits include:

Our commitment to quality

All our interpreters are experienced and expert in their field. And as you don’t have to worry about where they are based, we can match you with the very best person for the job. We regularly carry out spot-check assessments to ensure we deliver an excellent service to our customers every single time.